This program is your guide to your dream life. It is your ever-present coach and your support system. It covers all bases so that your success is the only option.

Transforming your life is hard. It can be overwhelming and hard to maintain. Let’s face it – being healthy can be a pain in the ass. It interrupts your fun, it makes it harder to go out for dinner, to do the grocery shopping, and to prepare meals. It isn’t convenient, it can be expensive, and it can cause conflict with those you love if they aren’t on the same page. BUT – and this is a very big, important ‘but’ – it is more than possible, sustainable, and can even be enjoyable if you have the right support system in place. This comprehensive, in-depth, and stunning program is that support system.


Ask yourself this:

What would happen if you treated your body with the utmost
respect & kindness?

What if — starting today — you made your health & wellness the absolute, non-negotiable, number one priority?

It might feel like a radical paradigm shift (it is).
It might seem selfish (it’s not) or impossible (ditto).

As a woman who’s gone from champagne-guzzling party girl to green-juicin’, super passionate Wellness Warrior, I’m living proof that transforming your life is possible.

Watch this video, and I’ll tell you how I got here — and what happens to your life when you put wellness first.



The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide is my gift to the universe —
a whole WORLD of information & support, anchored in 4 years of cancer recovery & personal transformation, 9,504 glasses of nourishing juice, 39,510 nutrient-powered supplements, 2 years of training at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and intimate conversations with revolutionary healers from Melbourne to Tijuana to NYC, and beyond.

It’s a health education experience & online community with the power to transform how you fuel your body, how you move your body — and how you spend your precious time on the planet.

At its essence, it’s about becoming a kinder person — to yourself, and everyone else.
Sparkling eyes, luminous skin & supersonic energy — they’re all just delicious bonus rewards.



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The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide is not a prescriptive meal plan or rigid detox menu. I’m not going to tell you precisely what to eat, and when, and how much (how boring would THAT be?)

The Guide is a 12-step invitation into an entirely new way of eating, moving & being in your body. It has practical shopping lists & inspiring recipes — but that’s just the beginning.

You’re going to learn how to cleanse & purify your body, every single day.
How to create — and lovingly commit — to a movement & fitness practice.
How to meditate & manage your inner critic — for REAL.
How to build self-trust & respect, by honoring your own promises.

And before long, you’ll experience a magical shift . . .
You’ll actually crave the foods & choices that bring you fully alive,
because they feel so damn good — not because you ‘should’.


“Prior to Jess’s program my life had spiralled out of control. I was overweight, relying on cigarettes and coffee for energy, unfit, and mentally exhausted. Now, I am happier than I have ever been … I am able to maintain my perfect body weight for the first time in my adult life, I kicked my smoking habit and I now schedule time for me every single day.”

- Nicola Gleeson | Busy mum, wife, and general manager at BLC Cosmetics



The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide is a very special community —
with inspiring men & women from every corner of the globe.

We are hysterical. We are devoted. We are vulnerable. And yep — we talk about enemas & poop (you’ll get used to it!)

We are willing to examine EVERYTHING that bubbles to surface, in our wellness adventures — not just physical changes, but new priorities, career shifts, relationships needs, and more.

Most importantly: we are magnificently welcoming. We want you here, and we want you well.



: You are in pain — plain & simple. Whether it’s a massive wake-up call — like cancer or diabetes — or just a perpetual feeling of creakiness, irritation & exhaustion. Pain is your body’s way of communicating that it needs something different — and it’s your job to listen, and respond with love.

: You have a MASSIVE desire to make changes, feel better & live your life differently — even if you haven’t figured out how you’re going to find the time (and commitment) to do it, just yet.

: You’re tired of navigating conflicting information, skip-hopping around from diet to diet, starving yourself on self-destructive fasts, and feeling ALONE in your quest for real health.

: You just want to feel GOOD! You want a life of smashing energy, conscious & wide-awake decision-making, and zero drama. You secretly believe that life is supposed to be easy.
And you’re yearning to be proven right.


“This program helps you reset your life and get to back on track to living a full and happy life. It’s step-by-step and easy to follow, which means the changes stick and become part of your routine. I cannot rate this program enough – it will change your life and the rewards are worth it. You are worth it!”

Kelly Austin | Public Relations Entrepreneur


Permanent transformation is not about overnight reinvention. It takes day-by-day, hour-by-hour, breath-by-breath action. It takes courage. It takes hope. It takes a tribe of loving friends.

And it all begins with a simple decision:

To treat your body with absolute kindness — no matter what.

If you’re ready for that first step, I’m proud of you already.
And I can’t wait to meet you inside this incredible community.

Explore this gorgeous site, learn more about what’s inside The Guide, get inspired by the praise & results, and when you’re ready . . . come play with us!

Love, sunshine & supersonic greens,